System Bet Calculator | Calculate your System Bets in 2024!

In the following system bet calculator review, you can learn what system bets are and how to calculate them.

This bet is popular as it allows players to miss a game prediction and still take away some potential winnings. Continue reading for more information.

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System Bet Calculator

System Bets Calculator

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What Is the System Bet Calculator?

While system betting is an interesting option for many punters, calculating the potential winnings could be tedious. With that in mind, players can use a bet calculator.

The calculator allows users to enter the potential markets, system types, and odds, and get all the needed information.

A calculator of this type is simple to use, and, most importantly, greatly hastens the system betting process for users. Thus, if you want to try placing a system bet, we recommend checking out a betting calculator.

What Are the System Bets?

System bets are a combination of bets. With standard betting, all the predictions you make must be correct to win the bet.

However, a system bet brings something different. If you make an unsuccessful prediction, you might still win.

What it does, is it creates multiple combinations of bets, all of which have the same amount of stake. It is an interesting strategy many punters utilise when making some more risky bets.

Depending on the combination you want to make, there are numerous popular system bets. They mostly depend on the number of combinations, and the number required to win a bet.

For example, some of the most common options include the following:

  • Trixie
  • Yankee
  • Canadian
  • Heinz
  • Goliath

For example, let’s take a look at the easiest, the Trixie. It involves placing a bet on three matches. In this case, you make three predictions.

If you correctly predict all of them, or two, you win your bet. The same applies to others, but with more game predictions and combinations.

However, the potential winnings will depend on the odds for the markets you predicted correctly. Since the calculations are hard to make manually, here is where you can use a system bet calculator to see your potential winnings.

How to Calculate System Bets?

The calculations for system betting are not that difficult to understand but are challenging to calculate without any help.

That is why we recommend using a system bet calculator. With a calculator, you can quickly get the results you need and determine the value of the bet.

But, if you want to do it manually, here is how you can understand it easier. Let’s say you are placing a Trixie, or a 2/3 system bet.

This means you have three selections we will call A, B, and C. You determine that your stake is X.

With three bets, you have three winning combinations. As you only need to predict two games correctly, the winning combinations are the following:

  • A and B are correct; C is lost.
  • A and C are correct; B is lost.
  • B and C are correct; A is lost.

In these cases, you will have some potential winning which depends on the odds of the selection. So, hypothetically, let’s say all the predictions you made are at odds of 2.00. And the stake is $150.

You divide the stake into equal parts for each prediction. Meaning you bet $50 on each of the predictions.

If A and B are correct, but C is lost, will have two bets with $50 at 2.00 odds. Meaning you get $100 winnings for each accurate prediction. And since you have two, the hypothetical winnings you get are $200.

If you predict all three correctly, with three predictions of stake $50 at odds two, you get $300. But, if you only predict one correctly, you lose the bet.