Win to Nil Meaning in Betting | What Does the Win to Nil Mean in Betting?

Understanding the win to nil meaning from the betting glossary is sure to be useful to you if you’re a fan of football predictions. And in case you’re still a rookie at the game, we have some expert tips in this guide to help you out.

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What is the Win to Nil Meaning in Betting?

Win to nil betting refers to two bets placed in one. This is a pretty popular topic of conversation for weekend bets.

But for punters who aren’t used to some of the speciality markets, we’re here to explain.

With this bet, you’re basically betting on a team to win to nil. Nil in football betting refers to a score of zero.

That means the team you’re backing needs to win without conceding any goals. So, with the win to nil meaning, if your team fails to end the game on a clean sheet, you lose the bet.

This is very similar to your regular moneyline bets with the exception of the condition of zero goals conceded. And that’s why it is a much higher risk than your usual moneyline bet.

Think about the other types of football betting markets like match winners and correct score prediction. These bets only have one condition each.

In the match-winner market, you just need to pick one of two teams to win the match. And in the correct score, there is still a risk. However, as long as you can guess the correct score, your bet will win.

But to understand the win to nil meaning, you need to understand both conditions.

Your team needs to win and prevent the opposition from scoring a single goal. If your team concedes even 1 goal by the end of the game, you lose your stake.

Nevertheless, in sports like football and basketball, winning to nil is a very popular market to bet on. And the reason for the popularity is the excitement of waiting for the end of a game to settle the bets.

Because, in case of win-to-nil predictions, even if your team is far ahead, a last-minute goal by the opposition changes everything.  

Win to Nil Betting

Win to Nil Bet Examples

Nothing works better than an example when understanding a betting concept. And with the win to nil meaning, the concept itself is pretty straight-forward.

All you need to do is understand the two different conditions. Your team must win and it must also win without conceding a goal.

So, let’s say that the UCL Final is being played between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

In this hypothetical situation, you’ve placed your bet on Real Madrid to win. So, as long as Madrid wins with a clean sheet, you win the bet.

The bet goes as far as injury time as well. So, at the end of regulation time, if the referee decides to give the game an addition 9 minutes in injury time, that will also count for the bet.

And if that does happen with your bet, those 9 additional minutes would be an excruciating wait. Every time Liverpool comes close to scoring, there will be a chance that this ruins your bets.

In recent years, VAR has brought about a lot of changes in the win to nil meaning.

Previously, the rules for offside and handball weren’t as strict as they are now. And decisions of the referee are much more accurate because of the new technology.

Back to the previous example, let’s say the final score of the game is Real Madrid 3-0 Liverpool.

If you were backing Real Madrid to win to nil, then your bet wins. But if the score is 3-1 to Real Madrid, your bet still loses.

Again, if the score is Real Madrid 2-3, your bet still loses. So, essentially, both conditions need to be met for you to win this bet.

If only one of the conditions is met at the end of the game, you still lose your stake.    

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Win to Nil Betting Review

When you’re at an online sportsbook, you should think about the specific kinds of markets in which you’re placing bets in. And you also need to think about the pros and cons of each type of market.

When it comes to win to nil betting, there are definitely a few advantages to it. But you also need to think about the aspects that you need to avoid.

Good for Big Teams

As you might have already guessed, backing a big team in win to nil betting is a superb idea.

Newcastle is an excellent example of a defensive giant. And the club’s defensive record is one of the tops in the English Premier League.

So, when you’re betting on a market as volatile as a win to nil, you certainly need to consider the defensive aspect of each team. Unlike the match-winner market, you don’t need to think about the goal scorers.

That’s because the team you’re backing could win 1-0 and you would still end up winning the bet. This is the beauty of win to nil betting. You could rack up some big wins if you chose your teams with enough thought.

Better at Home

The win to nil market works better for teams that are playing at home. In sports like football, the format of the game usually depends on the league.

So, tournaments like La Liga have two legs for each game. One is played at home and the other is played in the away stadium.

If Atletico Madrid were playing Real Betis, one game would be played in each team’s home stadium. And if you’re backing Atletico Madrid, you’d be more likely to win the bet at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

Every team naturally plays better in its home stadium. This is because the players know the lay of the land better and there are also more home fans in the stadium.

Great Odds

Unlike the regular football and basketball betting markets, the win to nil market has much better odds.

Getting your win to nil predictions correct is very tough. And as a result of that, the odds are also much better.


This is one of the cons of the win to nil market. Football games are quite unpredictable. And a goal could be scored at any moment.

Even it it’s not a goal from open play, there are plenty of other ways the opposition could score a goal.

If your team makes a defensive mistake and gives away a silly corner or a penalty, there’s a good chance for a goal. Even an own goal by a player from your team could diminish your chances of winning the bet.

The win to nil market is honestly a great one, but the unpredictability of the sport deters a lot of punters away from it.

Can Lose Anytime

This ties back in with the unpredictability of the sport, football. You could lose your bet at anytime even if your team wins.

This doesn’t reduce any of the excitement of the bet. However, you are taking a huge chance if you’re backing two powerhouses which could score at any time.

Win to Nil Meaning in Betting FAQ

What does a Win to Nil mean in football?

Win to nil in football betting refers to backing a team which must win without conceding. If you’re backing a team to win, it doesn’t matter what the score is as long as your team wins without conceding a goal.

What does nil mean in tennis?

In tennis predictions, win to nil is also pretty similar to set to nil. And the concept is the same as any other sport. The objective is for your favourite to win against a score of 0.

What is win to nil home?

Win to nil isn’t much different at home or away. The objective is for your team to win without conceding. When your team wins at home without conceding, that is a win to nil at home.

How to predict win to nil?

There is no guaranteed way to make a win to nil prediction. You need to follow regular betting tips and tricks. Try to back the defensively strong teams. And you should also try to avoid matches where both teams are powerhouses.
But you should also keep in mind that football is an unpredictable game. And a goal may be scored at any point in the game.