Single Bet Calculator | Calculate your Single Bets in 2023!

Find out what a single bet calculator is and how you can use it in our exclusive review. Moreover, you can also get additional details about placing single bets.

Single Bet Calculator

Single Bet Calculator

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What is the Single Bet Calculator?

As the name suggests, you can use a single bet calculator to figure out the potential winnings of the bets you have previously placed.

In other words, this bet calculator allows you to discern your bet return. In the world of iGaming, a tool such as this one comes in very handy.

Nowadays, you can find bet calculators online, most of which you can use free of charge. Calculating single bets manually can sometimes be a tedious task.

This is why there are many websites online offering this service. In order to learn how this tool works, you will first need to get to know what single bets are.

Then, you can read our guide on how to calculate single bets. Besides the steps you need to take, this guide explains the way this calculator works.

So, you can check the following paragraphs and find all you need to know about a single bet calculator, how to use it, alongside what single bets are.

Single Bet Calculator

What are the Single Bets?

Single bets represent bets placed on one, straight outcome. For instance, you can place a single bet implying that a team will win the match.

Single bets don’t depend on the settlement of other selections. This further means that the win percentage is generally higher than that of accumulator bets.

There is a chance for you to place bets on various sporting events, including horse racing. In horse racing, you can place win, place, or each-way bets.

Being self-explanatory, the type of bet called β€œwin” suggests that one selection will win the race.

Speaking of the β€œplace” bets, they refer to taking one of the top places in a race, whose number can vary depending on the number of participants.

On the condition that a selected party takes one of the highest positions in a race, brands will consider a place bet as winning. If, however, a horse ends up in one of the lower spots, your bet will count as lost.

Somewhat similar, each-way bets also involve position-taking. But, these bets also include the β€œwin” outcome.

So, placing an each-way bet would mean that your selection should either win or end a race occupying a particular place. In both of the aforementioned cases, you will receive a certain amount of winnings.

Still, the winnings received after your selection has won a race will be higher compared to the winnings you can get if a horse you placed an each-way bet on takes one of the top positions. In the event that your selection neither wins nor ends up in one of the highest places, operators will not regard your bet as winning. 

How to Calculate Single Bets?

You can encounter numerous bet calculator tools available on the Internet. In addition, you can find them easily. Most of them work in similar ways.

For this reason, we provide the most common steps you usually need to take in order to calculate your possible winnings after placing single bets.

How to calculate single bets?

  1. Choose your bet type (win, place or each way).

  2. Select the odds format (fractions or decimals) and enter the result of your sports or horse race bet (win, placed, or dead heat).

  3. Provide the odds of your selection.

  4. Fill in your stake amount and wait for the calculator to display your winnings.

As discussed, you can come across various bet calculators on the web. Another important thing to remember when betting on events such as horse or greyhound racing is the existence of a β€œdead heat” outcome.

Namely, a situation where two, or even more different participants end a race levelled exactly the same is called β€œdead heat”. In such instances, bookmakers treat a part of your selection odds as winning, whereas they consider the other as losing.

For example, a two-way dead heat outcome would mean that 50% of your bet is winning, and the other 50% is losing.