888bet Deposit Guide 2024 | How To Deposit Money To 888bet Account In Zambia

In this 888bet deposit review, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to fund your account with the popular sports betting bookmaker in Zambia. Get ready to explore the world of sports/football betting with ease and confidence.

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How To Deposit Money In 888bet Zambia?

Depositing funds into your 888bet Zambia account is a straightforward process designed to ensure a user-friendly experience for all players.

Follow these easy steps to top up your account and start placing bets on your favourite sports and games. You may want to place a bet on football as it is one of the most popular choices in the sports category.

888bet Deposit

Visit The 888bet Website

New users are required to create a new account by clicking on JOIN NOW at the uppermost right side of the webpage. Fill out the registration form that opens up and submit the form to complete the signup process.

Existing users, on the other hand, should simply log into their accounts using their credentials (telephone number and password).

Access The Deposit Section

Once logged in to your 888bet Zambia account, click on your profile, and select Deposit from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can click on Deposit next to the account balance on the homepage of the Zambian online bookmaker.

Choose Pawapay Deposits

In the deposit options, click on PawaPay deposits to proceed with the mobile payment option. It’s vital to note that mobile money is the default payment method for this operator.

Proceed by selecting your preferred mobile network operator from the list.

Enter The Deposit Amount

You can either choose a predefined amount using the quick buttons or input a custom amount that you wish to deposit into your account. Players can use the 888bet promo code to claim bonuses such as the welcome or first deposit bonus if they are available.

Also, remember to input an amount above/equal to the minimum deposit and lesser than/equal to the maximum deposit.

Confirm The Transaction

Click on Submit to initiate the transaction and proceed with the deposit process. Upon submitting the deposit form, a PIN pop-up will appear on your screen.

Input your mobile money PIN to complete and authorise the transaction. Afterwards, await a confirmation message/notification.

Start Betting

Once the transaction is successful, your funds will be credited to your account balance, and your betting journey begins. You can live bet, claim a bonus, and place bets on various games and sports including football, basketball, tennis and so on.

888bet Deposit Methods In Zambia

888bet Zambia offers a convenient deposit method tailored to the preferences of its users. Below is the available deposit method, along with the minimum and maximum deposit amount, processing fees, and waiting times.

PawaPay Mobile Deposit

This is the sole deposit option available on the sports betting site at present. It is a mobile payment solution with a broad base in many African countries.

In addition to this, there are no processing fees associated with the online bookmaker at the current time. Nevertheless, users may discover that some sort of nominal fee is charged by the payment provider, PawaPay.

In terms of waiting time, deposits via PawaPay are usually instant, with funds being credited to your 888bet account within minutes.

If you have any issues depositing funds or you experience an unusual delay in funds being credited to your account, contact the bookmaker’s help desk for further assistance. 

Players should also note that the 888bet withdrawal method is the same as the deposit method offered by the operator. This could change in the future but at the current time, both deposits and withdrawals use the same PawaPay channel.

888bet Deposit Zambia FAQs

In this section of our 888bet deposit review, we address some frequently asked questions about depositing funds into your 888bet Zambia account. These answers aim to provide clarity and make your betting experience even more seamless.

Currently, 888bet Zambia only accepts mobile money with PawaPay mobile deposits being the primary payment method for depositing funds into your account.

With more and more payment methods springing up, it is possible that 888bet expands its deposit options in the future. Bettors are therefore encouraged to check the operator’s website regularly for updates.

You can add money to your 888bet account by doing the following. Visit the sports betting website and log in to your account.

Afterwards, open your profile and select deposit from the menu. Then choose PawaPay as your deposit option, select your mobile network and input your phone number.

After this, enter the deposit amount, and confirm the transaction by entering your mobile money PIN.

There are no fees associated with depositing funds into your 888bet account using the PawaPay mobile deposit method.

Deposits made through the PawaPay mobile deposit method usually reflect immediately, with funds being credited to your 888bet account within minutes.