888bet Casino | How to Play 888bet Casino in Zambia?

This article is about the 888bet casino, the games you can play, how to play them and the general features of the casino section. Read on to find out more about one of the best online casinos in Zambia.

Verified on 21 April 2024


888bet Casino – Overview

If you already bet on sports games on 888bet, then the casino section should not be strange to you. You can simply transit to the casino section by clicking the button on the homepage.

The casino contains several games and is divided into two. The simulated casino and the live casino, with some overlapping games.

Thus, there are many options for gambling. However, if you don’t have an account, you can register at the site and use the 888bet promo code.

Best 888bet Casino Games

There are over 2000 games in the simulated section of the 888bet Zambia casino and over 400 games in the live casino. Some of the games there are niche games like Monopoly and lightning dice.

But there are also very popular games like slots, blackjack, sic bo, roulette and poker. We analyse some of the popular casino games on 888bet below.


These are the most popular games on the 888bet casino. Slot games are easy to play and require you to spin the wheel and hope to line up the symbols in a winning line.

There are several forms of slot games, and you can only find them in the simulated casino section.


The Aviator game has become a very popular game recently. The gameplay is to predict the height a plane will get to before it crashes.

As the plane rises, the odds increase, and you can only win if you cash out before the plane crashes.

You are allowed to place two bets, so you can cash out one of them and hedge your bets with the second bet. When playing aviator games, your goal should be to preserve your stake rather than to allow it to increase.

On 888bet, the aviator game is the only casino game with a bonus available to new and existing customers.

888bet Aviator Game


This game has a huge reputation among casino bettors as one game in which you can employ a form of strategy to improve your chances.

And you can take your time to research the game to get better at it. You can see several forms of blackjack in the simulated and live casino.


Roulette is a basic luck game where you can bet on several outcomes. The roulette table consists of slots numbered from 1-37, coloured black and red.

To play the game, you need to spin it, and where the roulette ball stops is the winning slot.

You can bet on the number that will come out, you can bet on the colour, and you can bet on the range of numbers that the ball will stop at. The game is also available on the simulated and live casino section.

888bet Casino Roulette

Best Features of 888bet Casino

The casino section is packed full of many games, but some features make the 888bet Zambia casino worth it.

Some of these features are part of the general 888bet site but still help casino gambling. We analyse some of these features below.

Casino bonus

There is no direct casino bonus on 888bet Zambia. However, there is a bonus for one of the games in the casino section, the 888bet Aviator game.

In fact, there are two bonuses for this game.

Customer support

If you have any issues in the casino gambling section, you can get help from the bookmaker’s customer support team. You can contact the customer support team by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button.

But there is a self-service option. You can check out the help section, which contains answers to major questions about the casino section.

If you want to escalate an issue, you can send a mail to the team at complaints@888bet.co.zm.

Payment methods

The payment methods on the 888bet site apply to the casino section. You need to place bets to place real bets in the casino section.

The payment methods include Airtel money and Safaricom M-Pesa. To make deposits, you need to use the mobile menu of these mobile money systems to send money into your account.

And if you want to withdraw, you need to log into your 888bet account and send the money to your mobile money account.

The payment methods are not so many, but they capture the majority of bettors in Zambia.

888bet Payment Methods


You have to register and deposit money into your 888bet account to play casino games, and that makes safety a priority.

The good thing is that 888bet has built its website with firewalls and security protocols that make it secure. So you can rest your mind that your details are safe.

Mobile casino

You can bet on the 888bet Zambia casino using the mobile site or app. No mobile app currently exists, so you can only use the mobile site.

With the mobile site, you can take the 888bet casino wherever you go. And since some games have demo modes, you can keep playing and practising until you can bet with real money.

Live Casino

The live casino is still a part of the 888bet casino, but for a better experience. Using the live casino on 888bet means, you play in real casino games with live dealers and other players.

These casino games are developed by renowned game studios so that you can be sure of fair play and a nice betting experience. However, not all games are in the live casino, the live casino has games like blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, roulette, and monopoly.

To access the live casino, click the ‘Live casino’ tab at the top of the page.

How to Play 888bet Casino?

Even though online casino games are popular, most bettors focus on sports betting. However, playing casino games is similar to sports betting because you are betting on probabilities.

But unlike sports betting, where you can look at historical data to inform your actions, the results from casino games are random.

This doesn’t mean that there are no casino betting tips. There are some tips that can help you play casino games better, and we share some of them below.

Have a budget

The foremost casino gambling tip is to have a budget. This is even more important in casino betting than sports betting because casino games finish faster, and you will be tempted to keep playing.

So, draw up a budget before you sit down to play a casino game. You could divide the lump sum into several places for the games you want to play.

Another important tip when creating a budget is to base the budget on an amount you are willing to lose and not use your expected winning as part of the budget.

Make small bets

Stretch your money for longer by making small bets. Instead of betting ZMK500 once on a slot game, place ZMK10 on 50 different casino games or ZMK20 on 25 games, including slots. Making small bets increases your chances of staying in the game longer.

But once you make a large bet and it goes bad, you have to stop playing. Also, small bets don’t mean smaller payouts.

Depending on the odds you play, you can always get a large payout with a small bet amount. This also means avoiding betting tables where the minimum stake exceeds your lower limit.

Use the casino bonus

There is a casino bonus for most bookmakers. The casino bonus could be the welcome bonus of the bookmaker or a continuous bonus.

The casino bonus at 888bet Zambia is the aviator game bonus. Head to the promotions page to read the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Another way to use a bonus on 888bet Zambia casino is with the VIP club, you get some percentage cashback of the money you lose the previous week on the Gold and Platinum level. You also get exclusive bonuses which should include the casino section.

Play for free before betting

One thing you must do when playing in the casino is to limit the amount of money you spend. And one way to do that is to play the demo version of a game before putting down money to bet.

The good thing is that most of the simulated casino games on 888bet casino can be played in demo mode, so you don’t have to bet any money.

Playing for free also affords you the opportunity to learn how a game works, so you don’t learn by losing money. You can consider betting as little as ZMK5 to test for games you can’t play for free.

Track your time and take frequent breaks

Casino games are interesting but can make you lose track of time. That is why tracking how long you spend playing casino games is important.

You should also take frequent breaks to stretch your body and do other important things. Your break affords you the opportunity to think clearly so that when you get back, you can make more rational decisions.

You can also take extended breaks, like weeks or months if you feel you depend too much on casino games to catch fun. You can use the self-exclusion feature on 888bet casino to take these extended breaks.

Never chase lost money

Even professional bettors lose money. Never try to recover lost money when betting on casino games.

Always stick to your budget, and when you reach your budget limit and the time you want to spend at a casino, walk away.

888bet Casino Review

The 888bet casino is one of the best in Zambia. There are several games to keep bettors interested, and you can also play the popular aviator game on the 888bet site.

We have looked at the various features of the 888bet Zambia, including the bonus option only available for the Aviator game. You can play the live casino to spice up your experience from playing the simulated casino.

There is also the 888bet VIP club which gives you a percentage of all the bets you made the previous week as cashback.

The customer service team is there to help bettors if they encounter any issues using the casino, and you can be sure that your issue will be handled.

Feel free to play in the 888bet casino the website and mobile app are all secure.

To conclude this section, we summarise our thoughts about the 888bet casino in the table below.

You can bet on over 2000 simulated and 400 live games on 888bet casino.There is no dedicated casino bonus.
The website is secure.
There is a bonus for aviator bettors.
You can enjoy the 888bet VIP bonus in the casino space.


To round up this article on the 888bet casino site, we answer some questions about the online casino site. You can contact the customer support team at 888bet Zambia if you have additional questions concerning the casino.

Yes, the 888bet casino is safe. The 888bet site, which also contains the online casino section, was built with layers of encryption and firewalls to secure the details of the bettors.

Yes, the 888bet casino is available in Zambia. You can go to the 888bet casino on the 888bet site and access over 2000 simulated casino games and over 400 live casino games.

To play in the 888bet online casino, you must understand the game you want to play. Afterwards, you can deposit money into your account to bet or play the demo mode.

To register for the 888bet casino, visit the bookmaker’s site and click the ‘Join Now’ button at the top of the page. Use your mobile number and a strong password to complete the 888bet registration. After that, navigate to the online casino section and start playing.