Best Zambia Super League Predictions 2023 for Zambian Bettors

The Zambia Super League, founded in 1962, is the nation’s top-flight league for professional football clubs. For bettors who love to wager on this league, this guide will focus on the Zambia Super League predictions and tips to help them make good betting decisions.

Zambia Super League Predictions 2023

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It can be tasking for bettors when making betting predictions. Not only is it a time-consuming process, but it also requires some skills.

For instance, being able to read data and statistics is one of the prediction methods that bettors can utilize as it helps to identify trends in team performance. So, players will find the Zambia Super League predictions provided by our betting experts here to assist them in placing bets on the league.

Zambia Super League Predictions

Zambia Super League 2023 Livescore 

Betting on live games becomes easier when you use the correct predictions and tips. Check out our livescore predictions below.

Zambia Super League 2023 Table

Here is what the current table of the Zambia Super League looks like.

Zambia Super League 2023 Odds

As the league continues to shape up, you can find the current odds to win the Zambia super league here.

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Zambia Super League Betting Tips

Football predictions can be rewarding, but only if done correctly. When predicting the results of games in the league, players must note various factors as they impact the outcome of these games.

In this section, bettors will find the best Zambia Super League betting tips to help you make vital decisions when betting on the league. 

Utilise Statistics 

Statistics and data from previous games are necessary for making your Zambia Super League predictions. For instance, looking at the head-to-head statistics of two competing teams would help you in pointing out who has the potential to win that particular game.

It would be unwise to pick random teams in the leagues without knowing simple details like the name of games played, the number of wins, etc. Thus, using statistics is key when predicting the Zambia Super League games.

Spot the favourites 

In a game between two teams, you’ll have the underdog and the favourite. Your job is to spot the favourite team in this case. How can you do this? You can look at the odds offered to both teams; this way, you would know who the favourites and underdog are in the tie. 

Favourites have lesser odds than the underdog, whose betting odds are higher. For instance, Power Dynamos, currently top of the Zambian league, will get smaller odds than the other teams as they’ll go into most games as the favourites. 

Although upsets happen in football, the favourites usually have better chances of winning over the underdog teams.

Understand Fixtures 

Understanding the fixtures in the league will help bettors when they bet. This factor can influence the outcome of a game.

For instance, Red Arrows may decide to rest a few key players in their league game if they have a CAF Champions League game a few days after.

When you know this, it can help you make adjustments to your bet. So, taking note of teams participating in other competitions will help you get the best returns on your bets.

Check Table 

The league table is an essential factor in determining the outcome of your bet. When a club occupying the top of a table plays a side at the bottom, you can tell because of the quality gap between the two teams.

Only in a few cases will a team in a lower position on the log dominate the team in a higher position.

For instance, you’d expect a Power Dynamos FC team to beat Buildcon FC because of their placement on the table. The last time both teams met in the league, Dynamos thrashed Buildcon FC 4-0, the kind of result that doesn’t surprise you. 

As a result, checking the table before placing your bets will help you get the best out of your bets.

Note the league’s previous winners

Consider the previous league winners when making your predictions. This is because these teams know what it takes to become the Zambia Super League Champions. 

Although Nkana FC, who holds the record for the most league titles (13), is having a bad outing this season, other previous league winners are showing why this factor can be helpful. 

As of the time of this guide, Green Buffaloes FC and Zanaco FC occupying the 3rd and 4th position, have won the league 6 and 7 times, respectively. Power Dynamos FC has also won it six times and currently tops the 2022/2023 Zambia Super League table.

So if you would be wagering on who can win the league, checking out how the previous winners are performing is essential.

Wager the amount you can afford to lose

One of the essential pieces of betting advice is not to chase your losses, especially by placing more bets when you lose. 

Betting is a game of chance, and you must be aware that you cannot always make the right call. As a result, you must always be ready for any possibilities.

Zambia Super League Predictions FAQs

Before you proceed to wager on the Zambia Super League, the following frequently asked questions may be helpful to you.

Who is the top scorer in the Zambian Super League?

Libamba Moyela of Forest Rangers FC and James Chamanga of Red Arrows currently top the scorers list with six goals each.

How many teams compete in the Zambia Super League?

There are 18 teams in the Zambia Super League. Each team is to play a total of 34 games in a season. That would make 17 home games and 17 away games.

What teams are in the Zambia Super League? 

The Zambia Super League contains teams from various parts of the country, including Nkana, Power Dynamos, Zanaco and Red Arrows.

What is the most successful football club in the Zambia Super League? 

The most successful club in the Zambia Super League is Nkana FC. They’ve won the title for a record 13 times more than any other club.