Jackpot Predictions in Zambia | Jackpot Games Predictions in 2024

Punters in Zambia can sign up on a number of top betting platforms in the country to play jackpot games. This guide will show you how to make your jackpot predictions and tips to help you win prizes.

Jackpot Predictions in 2024

Several sports betting sites allow their customers to make jackpot Zambia predictions. Below are some of them and how to claim these jackpot bonuses.

OperatorJackpot BonusPromo Code
Gal Sport Betting
Super 13 Jackpot FREEYOMAPS
Lottery JackpotVIPZM
Win over K36.5 million with various jackpot offersBETTORSZM

Gal Sport Betting Jackpot Predictions

Play the Super 13 Jackpot bonus at Gal Sport Betting to predict the outcome of 13 selected games. The Gal Sport Betting jackpot prediction allows users to bet on the 1×2 market for the 13 games.

So you will choose whether the home or away team will win or the game will end in a draw. Also, only the results over 90 minutes plus injury time count. Extra time and penalties are not included.

Please note that all 13 games must be predicted correctly. The bookmaker will split the prize if more than one customer gets all the predictions correctly.

1xBet Jackpot Predictions

1xBet offers a series of jackpot offers for customers to jump on, but the one that stands out the most is the Lottery Jackpot. With this 1xBet jackpot prediction, customers must place bets on one of the six colours from a wheel and win when the arrow stops on their chosen colour.

Please note that you must place a bet before the game starts, and the bookmaker calculates winnings according to the odds.

Jackpot Predictions

Betway Jackpot Predictions

Betway provides the most appealing jackpot offer from our least of top bookmakers in Zambia with jackpot offers. Bettors can jump on 4 jackpot offers to claim over K36.5 million.

The biggest Betway jackpot prediction is the Ituntulu Jackpot, where you can win K36.5 million by predicting the 1×2 results of 17 selected football games. With just K4, you can claim this offer or win consolation prizes if you come short.

You can also stake K2 to win K590,000 with the Pick 13 Jackpot offer.

Simply predict the 1×2 outcomes of 13 football matches correctly to get started. A consolation jackpot prize is also available if you miss out.

Place K1 on the Pick 8 Jackpot offer to predict the correct 1×2 results of 8 pre-selected football fixtures. You can win K15,000 or other consolation prizes.

The last jackpot offered on Betway is the Mahala Jackpot.

This is a daily jackpot offer where you can win K5,000 every day by predicting the correct outcomes of a number of fixtures. The good part of the Mahala Jackpot is that entry is free.

What Are the Jackpot Predictions?

Betting platforms offer jackpot predictions to enable customers to claim various prizes.

Jackpot offers usually differ from other bonuses because a betting site usually sets a grand prize users can claim. This differs from other bonuses, where a user’s stake determines what they can win.

With jackpot offers, you often need to predict the outcomes of a number of pre-selected online sports matches in any sport or combination of sports. Some bookmakers could also include virtual play.

However, since soccer is the most popular sport in Zambia, online sportsbooks usually set jackpot offers on football games. Depending on the bookmaker’s discretion, this could be on the 1×2 or correct score betting market. 

The bookmaker will share the prize among the winners if more than one player gets all the results correctly. Some betting platforms also offer consolation prizes to encourage customers who miss out narrowly.

What Are the Types of Jackpot Predictions in Zambia?

The types of jackpot offers provided in Zambia differ according to betting platforms. However, we will analyse a few you can come across when surfing for the best betting sites with jackpot predictions. 

Daily Jackpots

With daily jackpots, bookmakers select a number of games or virtual play for customers to predict daily. This means you will always find fresh games to predict on the bookmaker every day, allowing you to win prizes. 

Midweek Jackpots

There could also be midweek jackpots, where the betting platform will allow customers to predict a number of games within that week. You may have to opt in for the midweek jackpots before the start of the first game.

Mega Jackpots

Also called Goliath jackpots on some betting platforms or Ituntulu Jackpots on Betway, Mega jackpots come with a big task.

Usually, the games available for predictions start from 15, and the prizes are big enough to appeal to customers’ interest. Kindly visit the landing page of the betting site of your choice to get started.

What Are the Jackpot Predictions Tips

Playing jackpot games could be a big challenge because you must predict the outcomes of a number of games. While no tip can guarantee you to win, the following tips could help you get the best out of your jackpot games.

Do Your Research

Since you are trying to predict the outcomes of online sports matches, you still need to treat each game like you do with regular stakes. You must research each team before making your predictions.

It is essential to wager with stats and check both teams’ head-to-head and recent forms. To make the correct call, you must do this for all events selected in the jackpot.

Check for What Is at Stake

It is essential to watch out for what is at stake for each team. Teams in the relegation zone will usually battle hard to make a statement, while those competing for the league may also fight for every game.

You can also check if the team has other targets in other competitions, which could affect how seriously they take the game.

Look for Expert Opinion

Winning jackpot games require effort as nothing is guaranteed. You may also seek opinions from expert bettors or friends who are more inclined with jackpots to get the best results.

Author’s Opinion

Playing jackpots is another way to have fun as a bookmaker. Most jackpot offers are free.

However, some require a small amount to gain entry. Generally, betting sites with jackpot offers attract more customers since they get a more appealing user experience.

The top jackpot games on the top bookmakers include daily jackpots, weekly jackpots, and mega jackpots. However, you must do your due diligence to stand a chance.

Also, some betting platforms offer consolation prizes if you miss out narrowly.

Jackpot Predictions FAQs

That’s it, and you can now proceed to your chosen online sports betting site to play jackpot games. To wrap up this guide, here are answers to the frequently asked questions about jackpots.

Yes, bettors can play jackpot games in Zambia. To get started, visit the landing page of the top sports betting platforms like 1xBet, Betway, etc.

There are no tips to guarantee you will win your jackpot bets. However, you must do in-depth research to make the correct predictions.

Bettors who are over 18 and reside in Zambia can play jackpot games on the top Zambian online sportsbooks. Visit the jackpot betting site of your choice to get started.

You cannot cash out your jackpot games and must wait until the end of the last game to determine whether you win. If you ever come short, some bookmakers provide consolation prizes.