BetLion Withdrawal Guide 2024 | How to Withdraw Money from a BetLion Account in Zambia?

This review provides a comprehensive and expert guide to complete the BetLion withdrawal process from your account in 2024. Read through and follow the tips shared here to withdraw your money hassle-free.

How to Withdraw Money from BetLion?

The withdrawal process for BetLion is straightforward to complete. Users can seamlessly cash out their funds within a few days or hours of opening and funding their BetLion using the following guidelines.

How to withdraw money from BetLion?

  1. Log into your BetLion account

    Bettors must visit the BetLion site and log into their accounts using their login details.

  2. Locate the Account menu

    Next, go to the Account menu and click on it to see the options. Then, select Withdraw.

  3. Fill Out the Withdrawal Form

    Afterwards, enter the withdrawal information in the form provided. Pick one of the prescribed amounts to withdraw or input the amount.

  4. Authorise Your Withdrawal Request

    Lastly, click the Withdraw Money button to have the funds wired to your mobile money account.

A computer or mobile device with a connection to the internet is necessary to access the online bookmaker and complete the withdrawal process.

You can do this using your preferred browser or the BetLion mobile app. Normally, the maximum time for payment of funds is expected to be 10 to 15 minutes.

BetLion Withdrawal Methods

BetLion allows seamless cashing out from your betting account through mobile money. This enhances the overall user experience of the platform.

Mobile money has become the most prominent payment method in Zambia. Platforms such as MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money enable bettors to send and receive money through mobile phones without needing a bank account, physical bank or ATM.

Airtel Mobile Money

The Airtel network is an international communication and network company headquartered in India with global coverage. It is currently the 3rd largest telecom industry in the world.

Airtel Money enables bettors in BetLion to make deposits and withdrawals directly through their mobile phones and valid phone numbers.

Kindly check the BetLion site regularly for details concerning the minimum and maximum withdrawal fees. The transaction time limit is instant.

Withdrawal Methods

MTN Mobile Money

Other mobile money platforms include MTN mobile money. While transactions usually happen within a few seconds, the operator sets the withdrawal limit for mobile money accounts.

Visit the BetLion site regularly for updated information.

Mobile money usually has a lower deposit limit than other payment options; it is fast to process and completely safe.

BetLion Withdrawal FAQs

As we conclude this comprehensive guide, here are some answers to common questions bettors usually have about the withdrawal process.

Mobile money is the sole withdrawal method in BetLion.

Platforms such as MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money enable bettors to transfer money through mobile devices. It offers simple transactions without a bank account, physical bank or ATM.

No, BetLion does not allow withdrawals using different currencies. Transactions using the MTN and Airtel mobile money can only be done with the local currency.

The minimum amount that bettors can withdraw is stipulated on the BetLion website as 10 ZMW. Withdrawal limits are subject to revisions due to several factors, and bettors are advised to stay plugged into the BetLion website or app.

Withdrawal Amount

This results from a number of reasons, like account security, verification, and exceeding the withdrawal limit. Other reasons can be network glitches, insufficient balance, an existing account, etc.

Obey and follow the complaint alerts or chat with BetLion agents by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the site. Resolving this shouldn’t take long. Support services are available all the days of the week.