Best Double Chance Predictions in Zambia for 2023

Double chance predictions in sports betting refer to a speciality type of bet that many sportsbooks in Zambia offer. And if you want the best double chance betting tips you can find for any sport, just take a look at this guide.

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Double Chance Predictions Football

Last modified: 2023-03-21 15:15:16 UTC+ 0
Yield: -3.12%
Kazakhstan vs Slovenia
EURO Qualification Grp. H
23/03 16:00
Kazakhstan to win or draw
Hello to everybody, we are in beggining to qualification for Euro 2024. Kazakhstan in home have one good chance to win here, they are both mediums national teams. For this match I believe we can have one...
Yield: -3.12%
Barnsley vs Sheffield Wednesday
League One
21/03 21:00
Barnsley to win or draw
Hello to everybody, we have one more match to Ligue One. Barnsley is 4th and play against 1st Shefield Wednesday. Playing in home Barnsley have one good chance to make points. Shefield in last 5 matvhes...
Yield: -3.12%
Bayern Munich vs Arsenal Women
Women's Champions League Final Stage
21/03 18:45
Bayern Munich to win or draw
Hello to everybody, we have one more match to Champion League Feminine. Bayern Munich in home is fav and today have one good chance to stay in good position to qualify for middle finals. Arsenal in two...
Yield: -0%
Real Madrid vs Chelsea
Champions League Final Stage
12/04 21:00
Chelsea to win or draw
Match of football. We are in the best european football Cup competition, the Champions League. Match between Real Madrid from Spain and Chelsea from England. For this match i wanna try the asian handicap+0,5...
BE Patient
Yield: 1.11%
Raufoss vs Hamarkameratene
Club Friendlies
21/03 19:00
Raufoss to win or draw
Raufoss will play at home ground against Ham.Kam and that will be an friendly match so I am sure that have very good chances to win this match so I am sure that they will have a lot of motivation and I...
Yield: -0.42%
Italy vs England
EURO Qualification Grp. C
23/03 20:45
Italy to win or draw
UEFA European Championship 2024, qualification, 1st round, group C: Italy vs England Two big rivals face each other at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples on Thursday night when the last European...
Yield: -2.64%
Borussia Dortmund vs Union Berlin
08/04 15:30
Union Berlin to win or draw
Better form display from the host sides as we see them coming from 3 wins in their last 5 games, with union Berlin the guest side having 1 wins with more loss in comparison to the opposition in their...
Yield: -2.64%
Raufoss vs Hamarkameratene
Club Friendlies
21/03 19:00
Raufoss to win or draw
Better form display from the guest sides as we see them coming from 1 wins in their last 5 games, with Raufoss the host side having 0 wins as compared to the opposition in their last 5 games, going with...

Football predictions are probably the most popular when it comes to double chance predictions. And the best way to get your double chance and over 1.5 predictions in football correct is to understand the rules of the sport very well.

Double Chance Predictions Basketball

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Yield: -3.12%
Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers
22/03 00:30
Brooklyn Nets to win or draw in ordinary time
Hello to everybody, we have one more match to NBA. Nets today playing in home have one hard match. Both are in playoffs zone and in 1st stage to play only in 8ts finals. Cav's is 4 and Nets is 6th, this...

Basketball predictions are also pretty popular when it comes to double chance predictions. And similarly to any other sport, the best double chance betting tip in basketball is to follow the games and understand the sport.

Double Chance Predictions Ice Hockey

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Ice hockey predictions are a bit of an unlikely contender for sports betting but still popular nonetheless. When it comes to the sport, you need to really keep track of the injuries and the players who are most in form.

Double Chance Betting Tips

If you understand the double chance meaning in each of the sports, you’ll want a few double chance betting tips to help make better selections. And we’ve got you covered with a few of our best double chance tips.

Double Chance Predictions

Look at the Outcomes

Depending on the matchups of the game, you can tell a lot by just looking at the possible outcomes of the match. Even the odds displayed under the 1x and 2x tabs will help you out.

If you’re betting on a big team with a great form to be playing against a much smaller team, you can take advantage of the double chance tips. Betting on the bigger team and a draw will significantly reduce your chances of a loss.

Keep Up with Stats

This is just a generic tip that you should follow for all types of sports betting. But this is especially true as double chance tips since statistics can give you a lot of insights.

You won’t always find league games or tournaments between unevenly matched teams. Sometimes both teams might be powerhouses.

And in cases like that, you should look at past statistics to help make an informed decision.

Follow Player Form

Both player and team form are integral parts of making the correct double chance predictions. Even if the scales are tipped to your team’s side in a match, if the goal scorer or point maker isn’t in form, it can have a detrimental effect.

A lot of the time, one single player being off form might greatly affect the outcome of the game. Again, if you follow the games and you know which player is currently in top form, that’ll help too.

Injury Sheets

This is arguably one of the most important double chance tips we could think of. Last-moment injuries significantly affect the outcome of any game.

And if the team you’re backing has any significant injuries or possibilities of a player being injured,  you should keep track of it. If the goal scorer in a football club is out injured, that club loses a lot of the possibility to win.

But with double chance, you can mitigate some of this. That’s because you can still bet on the possibility of a draw if the team is defensively strong.

Double Chance and Over 1.5 Prediction

Before we get into what over/under predictions or double chance means, it’s best to clear the way with an example. Double chance bets are a type of bet which is more popular when it comes to football betting.

Double chance essentially refers to betting on two out of three possible outcomes in a certain game. This could be represented in a number of ways. And it gives you a much better chance of winning the bet too.

For example, when it comes to a football match, you could bet on a certain team to win and draw. Let’s say Manchester City is playing Manchester United and you bet on United and a draw.

As long as City doesn’t end up winning the match, you will win your bet. We haven’t seen a lot of examples of double chance being used in conjunction with totals. But it’s certainly a possibility.

Totals, or more specifically over or under bets are another type of bet most popularly used in football betting. The bookie will give you a possibility of how the final score of the game might look and you need to predict whether the actual outcome will go over or under.

In case of over 1.5, the bookie has said that the final outcome of the game will be 1.5 goals.

And you’ve predicted that the actual outcome will be over 1.5 goals. So, as long as both teams combinedly score 2 or more goals by the end of the match, you’ll win the bet.