Best Cricket Predictions July 2024 for Zambian Players

Cricket is one of the most popular sports to play worldwide many people even bet on it in many regions. For anyone interested in betting on the sport, we have some of the best cricket predictions and tips lined up for you.

Cricket Predictions for Today

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Yield: 5.33%
Northamptonshire vs Warwickshire
T20 Blast North Division
18/07 19:45
Northamptonshire to win
We have a cricket game and the sides that are playing against each other are Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. Odds for Northamptonshire are so good here and my prediction for this game is them to win....
Yield: 5.33%
Somerset vs Sussex
T20 Blast South Division
18/07 19:30
Somerset to win
We have a cricket game and the sides that are playing against each other are Somerset and Sussex. Odds for Somerset are so good here and my prediction for this game is them to win. I am staking ten units...

Cricket predictions are great when you want to make the best of your betting experience. And we have a few cricket predictions and cricket betting tips to help you do just that. You can take a look at them below before you start placing your bets on an online sportsbook.

Best Cricket Predictions

Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket betting tips might vary based on how much experience you have with cricket betting. The different types of cricket bets will also have a bearing on how you make your predictions.

If you’re still a rookie at cricket betting, we recommend watching a few matches and understanding the game very well. Most seasoned punters are aware of the intricate strategies that exist to mathematically help you make cricket predictions.

However, we have some cricket betting tips for rookies to help you make the best cricket predictions and have fun betting.

Understand the Rules of Cricket

You can’t start betting on cricket before you understand the sport. Many will say cricket is a complicated sport and it’s true given the types of competitions that are played.

But there is a huge fanbase for cricket and many punters in Zambia also love betting on the sport. And if you’re someone who wants to start out making cricket predictions and placing bets, you need to understand the rules of the game.

The most popular formats in which cricket is played are Test Matches, ODIs, and T20Is. The rules are pretty much the same for all these formats but bet durations may be different.

There is usually a coin toss at the beginning of a match to determine which team bats first. And the game is underway within a few moments of that. The objective is essentially to score more runs with fewer wickets.

You can find a lot of different guides on learning the sport. But the best way to do so is to watch a lot of matches.

The Weather and the Pitch

Weather is an important factor for many sports. But the weather conditions are crucial when it comes to cricket betting. Cricket is an outdoor sport and depending on the stadium, even mild winds or rain might affect a player’s game and concentration.

Even extreme heat might have a bad effect on the game. Players in cricket always have a fixed uniform.

And they also take every opportunity to use products to help their grip and their bowling.

So, when the weather is unfavourable, the usual tactics may not work. And if you’ve placed your bets without keeping the weather in mind, you may make some incorrect cricket predictions.

The pitch is another important factor in cricket betting tips. Cricket at this point is an internationally acclaimed sport.

And pitches differ slightly from region to region when the players are participating on an international level.

Qualities of the pitch might affect the behaviour of the wicket. The specific conditions might favour either the batter or bowler.

So, it’s very important to analyse the conditions of the pitch and the weather for cricket betting.

Knowing the Markets

Cricket betting markets can have similarities with any other sports betting market. But the type of bet will definitely vary with the sport and work differently for cricket.

When you’re making over-under predictions in cricket, it generally refers to the number of runs scored. And similar to football, the prediction given by the bookie will be for the combined runs scored by both teams.

You can also make 1×2 predictions for domestic games in cricket. The games can happen at your favourite’s home stadium or the away stadium.

Handicap predictions are pretty much the same across every sport. Particularly for cricket, you might be able to place handicapped bets in T20 World Cup betting.

You might also find a bet of the day or an accumulator of the day at some online sportsbooks.

Analysing the Teams and Players

Analysing the teams is important for any sport. If you’re backing a team to win, you need to have some basic knowledge about the players and how they play as a whole.

Cricket is a team sport and teamwork is certainly an important aspect of making the right cricket predictions.

The individual player form is also very important in cricket. Key players in certain tournaments do have the ability to turn around the entire game by scoring many runs.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is injuries. Cricket isn’t a contact sport but injuries do happen due to over-straining or poor health.

And in such cases, if the injured player is a run scorer or similar key player, it might greatly affect the outcome of the game.

Cricket predictions depend on assumptions about the circumstances of the game being true. So, for your prediction to be correct, you need to follow the players and teams across different competitions.

Picking the Best Odds

By picking the best odds, we don’t mean the ones that seem the most promising. Odds can actually be wrong some of the time. 

The reason for this is that the score in a game does cause the odds to fluctuate.

And for a sport like a cricket, the duration is very long. And that means the odds tend to move around a lot too. But another thing to remember is that odds will also vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

So, in addition to keeping in mind the circumstances surrounding a game, you also need to find the best quality odds. And that actually starts with selecting the right sportsbook.

Select the Right Betting Site   

If you’re still a newbie looking for cricket betting tips, you should make a shortlist of all the potential betting sites to register on. The site you select is also very important in terms of betting predictions.

One aspect of the site is the quality of odds. But other than that, you still want to find a site that meets all your requirements.

The site should also offer live markets as that is very popular with cricket betting.

And the best cricket betting sites will definitely offer some payment methods that are easily accessible to punters.

If the site offers live streaming, that’s also an added bonus. The customer support available at the site is also important if you’re betting at an overseas sportsbook.

Cricket Predictions FAQs

Finally, we’ll end our guide on cricket betting tips with a short FAQ section. We’ve answered a few of the most commonly asked questions about the sportsbook.

How to predict a cricket match?

To be honest, there is no guaranteed way to predict a cricket match. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to cricket predictions.
However, some of the best cricket betting tips by experts suggest that you do plenty of research. To make a correct selection in the forecast, you need to know about the key players taking part in the game.

What are the 4 results in cricket?

The four results in cricket are a win or loss, neither team wins, rare results, or a statement of result. When neither team wins, the result could be a tie, tiebreaker, draw, no result, or the game is abandoned.
And in case of rare results, the title could be awarded or conceded.

How do you read a cricket score?

For someone who doesn’t watch a lot of cricket, understanding cricket scores can be a little bit hard. But they’re written in the order of the number of runs scored and the number of wickets taken.
So, if a score is written as 100-4, that means the team has scored 100 runs and the number of wickets is 4. It’s much easier if you’re reading from a scorecard at the end of the game since that will give you a minute-by-minute play of the entire game.

How does cricket betting work?

Cricket betting works very similarly to other sports. You can place a bet at a shop or online sportsbook. And you need to understand the game well for your cricket predictions to stick. This also includes following many matches and tracking key players.