Best Copa del Rey Predictions 2024 For Zambian Bettors

Enjoy the 121st edition of Spain’s oldest knockout football competition with these expert Copa del Rey predictions. You’ll find betting predictions for each match as we head to the final at Estadio de La Cartuja in Seville on the 6th of May.

Copa del Rey Predictions 2024

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Things are down to the business end of the tournament now, and all of the teams will have dreams of lifting the prestigious trophy in May. Keep an eye on these Copa del Rey predictions that are updated as we advance to the final.

Copa del Rey Predictions

Copa del Rey 2024 Table

As the Copa del Rey is a knockout competition, there is no table. Instead, the tournament starts with the preliminary round that narrows the participants down from 125 to 115.

Following that, there are the first and second rounds before the round of 32. After this, it goes to the round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and the final.

Every round of the Copa del Rey, except for the semi-finals, is a one-off match.

Copa del Rey 2024 Odds

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Keeping tabs on the latest Cop del Rey odds can assist you in finding bets that offer value. Yet, what makes this competition more interesting is that it’s not just the big teams that win it.

Both Real Sociedad (2019-2020) and Real Betis (2021-2022) have been victorious in recent years. This variation of winners ensures that there are many great bets – all the way up to, and including, the final.

Copa del Rey Betting Tips

If you want to be a part of the passion and excitement of this glorious tournament, these Copa del Rey betting tips will help to get you started.

Check Current Form

Research is the cornerstone of all football predictions; however, it’s slightly different with the Copa del Rey. Still, the best place to start is with the current form, both in this competition and the league, of the teams that are playing.

Squads and Lineups

Some of the bigger clubs field several fringe players, which creates the perfect storm for bettors.

Check the squads to see which players are registered. Furthermore, look back through previous rounds to see what the lineups were.

This is vital data because it gives the bookmaker a dilemma. They cannot give exceedingly low odds on one of the top teams because it means much longer odds for the opponent.

However, if the odds are high (on the favourite) and they field a full-strength side, the betting site could be stung.

Know the Markets

As matches are settled on the night, there are a couple of different betting markets to know about.

For instance, you can bet on the ‘team to go through’. This is different to 1×2 because it could be via extra time or penalties. Also, remember that 1×2 is only for 90 minutes, not 120.

Ultimately, make sure you know the markets so that you can find the best value bets based on your predictions for each match.

Copa del Rey Bonuses

In addition to regular sign-up bonuses, reload offers, and free bets, the betting company may come up with exclusive Copa dep Rey promotions, such as boosted odds or acca insurance. It is always worth watching out for these as they can add more value to your betting experience.

Copa del Rey Predictions FAQs

Grab some extra information about this competition and the Copa del Rey betting tips on this page in the FAQs below.

How important is Copa del Rey?

The Copa del Rey is the oldest football competition in Spain and it’s considered one of the most prestigious domestic cup trophies in the game. To highlight its stature, the winners of the Copa del Rey qualify for next season’s UEFA Europa League.

Like all domestic cups, its importance to some of the bigger clubs has diminished somewhat due to the Champions League. However, at the local level, it’s still held in high regard.

Does Copa del Rey use away goals?

No, it doesn’t. If the games end in a draw, then 30 minutes of extra time is played. If the teams are still level after extra time, it goes to a penalty shoot-out until there’s a winner.

How do teams qualify for Copa del Rey?

Teams from Spain’s top leagues automatically qualify for the Copa del Rey; however, a few teams enter at different stages. For the 2022/2023 edition, there were 125 teams in total at the start of the competition, with winners of regional divisions in Spain’s fifth tier of its football pyramid invited to join the competition.

Who is the highest goal scorer in Copa del Rey?

The highest goalscorer in Copa del Rey history is Telmo Zarra with 81 goals. He scored all of these playings for Athletico Bilbao from 1939 – 1957. In modern history, Lionel Messi, previously of Barcelona, is the highest scorer with 57 goals. This season, the current top scorer (up to the round of 16) is of Enrique “Kike” García Martínez Osasuna.