Best Copa America Predictions 2024 for Zambian Bettors

By taking into consideration Copa America predictions, punters in Zambia can make better wagering decisions. Keep reading to learn all about betting predictions for the upcoming football tournament.

Copa America Predictions 2024

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As the 48th edition of this tournament draws near, bettors around the world are interested in all kinds of 2024 Copa America predictions that they can find online.

It comes as no surprise that Argentina will be one of the favourites for the upcoming championship. However, Brazil is expected to put on their best play in one of the greatest tournaments on the South American continent.

Copa America Predictions

Copa America 2024 Table

In the following table, you find the 2024 Copa America groups and their standings. Below, you will see the statistics of previous matches, the number of points each team earned, and more:

This type of statistics can be crucial for anyone looking for Copa America betting tips since they can be a great indicator of the outcome of future matches.

However, it is important to note that the scores are constantly changing and being updated. Because of that, you should visit your preferred bookmaker to see the latest football predictions.

Copa America 2024 Odds

1 x 2
10:00 pm April 23, 2024
Union La Calera
3.96 3.46 1.91
12:00 am April 24, 2024
Deportivo Garcilaso
2.35 3.30 2.97
12:00 am April 24, 2024
Sportivo Trinidense
Nacional Potosi
1.65 3.94 4.88
12:30 am April 24, 2024
Argentinos Juniors
2.33 3.16 3.13
2:00 am April 24, 2024
Alianza FC
Universidad Catolica
2.82 3.14 2.52
10:00 pm April 24, 2024
Coquimbo Unido
Racing Club
4.36 3.62 1.79
10:00 pm April 24, 2024
Athletico Paranaense
3.44 3.22 2.16
12:00 am April 25, 2024
Red Bull Bragantino
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12:30 am April 25, 2024
Real Tomayapo
3.91 3.40 1.94
2:00 am April 25, 2024
Rayo Zuliano
Sportivo Ameliano
3.13 3.28 2.27
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Furthermore, you can learn more about the current Copa America betting odds in this article.

These will best help you understand the expected performance of each team. So, take a look at the table and find out who is the favourite to win the tournament in 2024.

Nonetheless, the odds can change swiftly. Therefore, you should go to your online bookmaker in Zambia to see the latest football odds. That way, you can keep up with the progress of Copa America groups.

Copa America Betting Tips

Additionally, you should take into consideration several Copa America betting tips before you start wagering. Read on to learn how you can make more informed Copa America bets when the time comes.

Understand the Sport

To start with, it is essential to understand the rules of football.

In addition, punters can make a more informed bet if they get familiar with the stats of the previous games. By doing so, bettors will know who is the most likely to win the champion title.

Find Copa America Predictions

Moreover, you should get familiar with the predictions for the tournament before you decide how to bet.

These predictions are made by sports betting experts. In that sense, they can give you a good idea of the potential outcome. However, it is important to point out that they are not always correct.

Examine Betting Odds

Additionally, you should navigate the preferred betting site to see the latest odds for the tournament. It is important to understand how odds work since they are the best indicators of the potential outcome.

Moreover, you should also know that they can change fast. Therefore, it is best to visit the chosen sportsbook regularly. By doing so, you will keep up to date with the latest odds.

Read the Sports News

Furthermore, it is advisable to keep track of sports news. That way, you can learn more about the players’ form.

You can also learn about potential injuries, who will be on reserve, and similar. Needless to say, knowing this information can significantly influence your betting decision.

Home-Field Advantage

Finally, it is good to know that the home team wins most of the time. That is due to the psychological factor since players best perform in their own field.

However, highly-ranked clubs sometimes defeat their opponents even when they are the visiting team.

Copa America Predictions FAQs

Finally, you can extract valuable information from our FAQ section. Keep reading to find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the Copa America predictions:

Who is the best team in Copa America?

Argentina and Uruguay are the most successful teams in the tournament’s history. They have an equal number of Copa America title wins. Therefore, both are the highest-ranked in this football tournament.

Who is favoured to win Copa America?

Argentina and Brazil are both the favourites to win the 2024 Copa America. According to Copa America predictions, the two countries are among the top five contenders for the winning title. Uruguay, Chile, and Colombia are also on this list. 

How often is Copa America played?

Copa America once took place every 1- 4 years. However, as of 2007, it is strictly held every fourth year. Thus, there have been six tournaments since, with the last one held in 2021. The national teams from South America will once again compete for the winning title in 2024.

How many times did Argentina win Copa America?

Argentina’s national team has won the tournament fifteen times. However, it shares the record with Uruguay. The last time Argentina won Copa America was during the previous season in 2021. What is more, they are also the favourite to win the next tournament.