Paul Parker: It´s the perfect timing to sack Graham Potter

Chelsea won 1-0 against Leeds, which might be a very helpful hand for Graham Potter in terms of him keeping his job at Chelsea.

According to several media sources Graham Potter is under a huge pressure and needs to win football matches if he wants to keep his job at Chelsea. 

The results have not been as good as wanted, which has led to a lot of media speculating in Chelsea possibly sacking Graham Potter soon and getting a new manager. 

One of the candidates that has been mentioned is the former Spurs manager, Mauricio Pochettino, and we asked the former Chelsea and Man United defender, Paul Parker, whether he thinks it would be the right solution for Chelsea. 

“It’s the perfect timing to sack Graham Potter” 

A new manager would have a very easy time at Chelsea, claims Parker and he thinks it would be the perfect timing to sack him, if Chelsea doesn´t want to stick with him in the long run anyway. 

“First of all, I have to say that it would be extremely easy for any manager to take over Chelsea now and start from scratch. Because no matter what happens, he will get the rest of this season and a summer transfer window with no pressure on his shoulders.”

“So, honestly, it would be the perfect timing to sack Graham Potter. A new manager would have nothing to lose and that is a good thing.”

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Potter might regret ever going to Chelsea

Even though Parker claims that it would be the perfect timing to sack the Chelsea-manager now, he suggests that the club sticks to Potter. He also added that he might even regret ever going to Chelsea.  

“But I must say that it wouldn’t make any sense at all to sack him. I would like them to stick with Graham Potter because I have seen what he was able to achieve with Brighton and he might even regret ever going to Chelsea.”

“Graham Potter has the chance to make himself the best English manager ever but I feel sorry for him. I was one of those people who advocated for him not to go to Chelsea but I can understand why he couldn´t turn down a big job like Chelsea.”

Mauricio Pochettino has been mentioned as a new manager but he wouldn’t be a good fit at Chelsea according to Parker. 

“I have seen Pochettino being mentioned as a Chelsea-target if they were going to sack Potter and that makes absolutely no sense. He would not be a good fit for Chelsea.”