Patent Bet Calculator | Calculate your Patent Bets in 2023

If you are into placing a Patent bet and looking for calculating the potential winnings, you have come to the right place. This review presents a detailed guide on the Patent bet calculator. You will learn everything about this type of bet and how to use the bet calculator.

Patent Bet Calculator

Patent Calculator

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What is the Patent Bet Calculator?

You will be able to calculate the total stake and potential return on patents using the Patent Bet Calculator. In fact, Rule 4, Dead Heats, and Each Way are supported by the bet calculator.

As it is with all bet calculators, you must enter the stake amount, bet type, odds, etc.

This calculator lets you calculate the potential winning of a patent bet. You will use the same options available in any online bet calculator.

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What are the Patent Bets?

A Patent bet typically consists of three selections and seven bets.

Each Patent bet consists of three single bets, three doubles, and one treble. Your wager wins, though, if at least one or more of your choices are correct.

Furthermore, Patent bets are popular with many sports, especially horse racing. Indeed, the number of selections that win and the selected odds for each selection determine how much you will win from placing this bet.

Moreover, with a Patent bet, things are a little different than, for example, placing an accumulator bet. Interestingly, you can still get your cash back even if one of the selections doesn’t win.

On the other hand, if you place an accumulator, every option must win for the bet to be successful.

The following part of our review guides you through using the Patent bet calculator to find out the potential winnings of your bet.

How to Calculate Patents Bets?

As mentioned in the first part of our review, the Patent bet is a three-selection bet that covers seven bets. These include three single bets, three doubles, and one treble.

Of course, many online bookmakers offer free Patent bet calculators you can use when placing your bets. You can also find online free bet calculators to do so.

The steps below describe how you can use the Patent bet calculator to calculate your bets.

  1. Open the Patent bet calculator.
  2. The first thing to do is to choose whether you want to allow the Each way bet or show the Rule 4 option.
  3. Choose the outcome for your bet selections.
  4. Select the odds for each selection.
  5. Next, select the stake type and add the preferred stake amount.
  6. Press the Calculate button and wait for the results.

Furthermore, if you want to change anything, like the bet type, you can always reset the calculator and repeat the process one more time. It will take less than a minute to calculate the patents’ total stake and return.