UFC 2024 Betting | How to Bet on the UFC in Zambia?Β 

All punters in Zambia are able to explore UFC betting. Keep reading to learn about placing wagers on the 2024 Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC 2024 Betting Predictions

If you are on the lookout for the UFC predictions, you can take a look below:

Last modified: 2024-07-16 16:28:35 UTC+ 0
Yield: -1.5%
Muhammad Mokaev vs Manel Kape
28/07 00:00
Manel Kape to win
Muhammad Mokaev is going to face Manel Kape. Mokaev looks poorly to me, and I don't see him winning this clash. We should see a close game between these two guys. My bet for this clash is for Manel Kape...

However, predictions from the table above will change as the championship progresses. Due to that, it is best to visit your preferred betting website to see the latest betting predictions.

UFC Predictions

UFC Fixtures

If you are looking to engage in UFC betting this season, take a look at the table below to see the future sports events:

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UFC Results

Moreover, the UFC results from the last season can help you make better wagering predictions this year. So you can find the results of the 2022 UFC Championship here:

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About UFC 2024 Betting

The 2024 UFC Championship started on 14 January 2024. However, the exact date of the final fight is yet to be announced.

The first UFC fight was held in Rio de Janeiro at the Jeunesse Arena.

If you wish to engage in UFC betting this season, it is essential to understand how wagering on MMA fights works. Therefore, you can learn more about placing bets on UFC in the following sections of this review.

Betting Markets

To start with, the popularity of this discipline is increasing steadily on the African continent. That is mainly due to the number of champions in MMA coming from African countries.

Therefore, bettors in Zambia can select multiple betting markets when they place bets on UFC. Below, you can see some MMA markets that you can opt for when participating in UFC betting.

Additionally, you can read their descriptions and learn how they work.

  1. Round betting – Here, you should select the fighter to win the match. In addition, you need to select the number of rounds the chosen event will have.
  2. Outright (Winner) betting – As its name suggests, this bet type allows punters to select the fighter they think will win the fight.
  3. Over/Under – In this type, you need to predict the number of rounds a particular fight will last. However, it is important to point out that you are not required to select the exact number. Instead, you should only choose whether it will be over or under a set figure.
  4. Method of Victory – This type of bet requires you to predict the method in which the winner will defeat their opponent. For example, this can be won by knockout, submission, disqualification, decision, or other.
  5. Props – If you choose this market, you can predict events that won’t affect the final results. For instance, you can predict when the event will end.
  6. Long-term wagers – Also known as future bets, these allow you to wager on fights that will be held in the near future.
  7. In-fight betting – In-fight wagering is equivalent to in-play betting. In other words, this market allows you to place bets as the fight unravels. Moreover, it is essential to note that this market has fewer bet types. Still, you can find the most popular options.

The Most Famous MMA Fighters

Moreover, you should be familiar with the most popular MMA fighters since it can help you when betting on the 2024 UFC. You will know how to wager if you learn more about their standings.

Keep reading to find the most well-known names from the mixed martial arts that will fight for the winning title this season.

Currently, the most famous fighter is Conor McGregor. Although he recently suffered a few losses, McGregor remains the biggest UFC attraction.

Other popular names include Nate Diaz, Jone Jones, Israel Adesanya, Sean O’Malley, and others.


Furthermore, wagerers can find UFC odds for any market for a particular event. By far, they are the best indicators of an expected outcome.

By examining them, you will know which fighter has the highest chance of winning a match.

Therefore, whenever you intend to place a bet, it is best to compare the odds. By doing so, you will make a more informed wager.

UFC 2024 Live Betting

As mentioned earlier in this review, you will have a chance to engage in UFC betting as the event is still ongoing. However, unlike pre-match bets, in-play wagers require you to use the latest data to make predictions.

Therefore, most online sportsbooks feature live stats and scores of the UFC fight that is taking place.

Finally, you can find the Ultimate Fighting Championship predictions for the in-fight market in the table below:

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UFC 2024 Live Streaming in Zambia



Watch – online

  1. Register
  2. Watch game
Watch game

To watch you must have an account created with the bookmaker, and deposit the minimum amount

Many betting platforms in the country enable punters to stream the fight live while wagering. Moreover, 1xBet and Premier Bet are among the best operators that offer live betting services for UFC bettors.

So, if you wish to participate in UFC betting and potentially watch live events, these bookies may be worth your while.

To stream fights while placing in-fight bets, you should navigate the live section on the preferred platform. Then, you need to find the fight you are interested in.

If it’s available for streaming, you will be able to see a TV symbol next to the event.

However, note that the in-fight market offers fewer bet types to customers.

Additionally, it is important to know you cannot access the live stream on some platforms if you don’t have a minimum balance in your account or haven’t completed the registration form.

How to Bet on the UFC Predictions in 2024?

After you open an account at a preferred sportsbook and make the first deposit, you can move on to place UFC wagers. Additionally, take a look at this straightforward step-by-step guide on how to engage in UFC betting:

How to bet on UFC in Zambia?

  1. To start with, you should visit the chosen wagering website and access your account.

  2. Secondly, you have to find MMA among sports and select it.

  3. Next, find the UFC event you want to bet on and click on it.

  4. Then, you need to select the desired bet type alongside the odds.

  5. Moreover, you must enter the preferred stake amount.

  6. Lastly, you can confirm your bet.

Best UFC Betting Sites in Zambia

Additionally, the choice of a bookmaker is crucial if you want to participate in UFC betting. As a bettor, you are looking for a bookie that offers an in-play feature and live-stream service for MMA events.

The ranking of the best UFC betting sites in Zambia in this review is done with this in mind. Also, other significant factors were taken into consideration.

So, keep reading this review to learn more about the best websites to bet on this championship.


On BetWinner, punters can find a wide selection of betting markets for MMA events. Additionally, the operator features a live page so members can place bets while fighters are in the octagon.


Betway allows punters to place both pre-match and in-fight bets on MMA events. Moreover, bettors have an opportunity to explore competitive odds across several MMA markets on this platform.


22Bet is another sportsbook that might be worth your attention since it offers high odds and a good selection of MMA markets. Furthermore, sports fans can navigate a live betting section on this site and even stream UFC events.

UFC 2024 Betting Tips

Furthermore, this review can familiarise you with several betting tips and help you make better wagering decisions when the championship starts. Read on to learn which UFC tips can help you when you make your bets.

Understand the MMA Rules

For starters, you must have a good understanding of this discipline before engaging in UFC betting. Furthermore, it is crucial to be familiar with fighters and their standings.

In light of that, you should keep track of the statistics of previous fights. Thus, you will know which MMA fighters are the most likely to win the title.

Get Familiar with the Predictions

Secondly, it is strongly recommended that bettors read UFC predictions before they place any bets.

UFC tipsters offer much valuable information about the potential outcomes. However, even though their predictions are usually correct, they don’t guarantee a win.

Compare the Odds

Odds are the best indicators of a likely outcome of a particular fight. Therefore, it is essential to know how to read them and understand that the odds can change rapidly.

So, it is best to regularly navigate your preferred bookie to see the latest betting odds.

Follow the Sports News

Finally, you can read sports news and extract information that can be valuable for your betting action.

By keeping up to date with the MMA news, you can learn about fighters’ shape, possible injuries, and more. Ultimately, this can impact your betting decision.

UFC 2024 Betting in Zambia – FAQ

Finally, this review will end with the FAQ section. Below, you can read answers to some of the most frequently asked concerning UFC betting.

Yes, punters in Zambia can legally place UFC bets. However, only players who are at least 18 years of age can bet on wagering sites.

To engage in UFC betting, you need to pick the event you want to bet on.

Additionally, you should select a desired betting market and odds. Then, you can indicate the preferred stake and submit your bet slip.

To watch live UFC fights, you must find a betting site that includes the live streaming feature. If you are trying to find such a platform, consider joining bookies like 1xBet and Premier Bet.

There are many good betting platforms to wager on UFC. Some of the best examples are 1xBet, BetWinner, 22Bet, and others.