FA Cup 2024 Betting | How to Bet on FA Cup in Zambia?

The Emirates FA Cup, otherwise known as the Football Association Challenge Cup is a men’s knockout football competition held annually. And for punters who are interested in FA Cup betting, we’ve created a detailed guide on how they can do exactly that.

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Manchester United - Manchester City betting tips on 25/05/2024, FA Cup final and this year is a repeat of last year's final, both Manchester archrivals going head to head again. Both teams will not want...

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About FA Cup 2024 Betting

The FA Cup is a domestic English competition held annually and organized by The Football Association. The current name that this competition goes by is The Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship reasons.

The FA Cup isn’t just a popular competition in the UK, it’s popular worldwide and even in Zambia. And FA Cup betting has become a possibility in all of those regions because of the expansion of the iGaming sector.

However, before you start FA Cup betting, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Understanding the rules of the competition is foremost very important. But if you’re new to betting, we got you covered with all the other aspects of the FA Cup.

Bet on FA Cup in Zambia

FA Cup Format

The FA Cup is open to all clubs that are down to level 9. Level 9 refers to the top divisions of the 16 sub-regional leagues. The specifics aren’t that important, but you should know about the format of the competition if you want to bet on it.

The competition has 6 qualifying rounds and at the end of the first-round proper, the sides from League One and League Two are allowed to enter. The third stage of the competition is when it gets interesting, as that’s when the teams from the English Premier League and other Championship teams enter.

The knockout stages are played until 8 teams are left in the final phase of the competition.

There can be no draws in this stage and afterwards, it is played in the normal format of a football competition. That means semi-finals and finals.

Types of FA Cup Betting

Types of bets in FA Cup are the usual football or soccer betting markets that you’d find for most other competitions, but some markets are a bit more popular than others.

Outright Betting

Outright betting is pretty much the same across every sport. It means to predict the winner of the entire tournament. This doesn’t sound too hard right off the bat, but just one match or underdog can turn around the entire tournament.

A side bet to outright FA Cup betting might be placing your bets on the match winner. For this, you’d just have to predict the winner of any single match.

Over/ Under Betting

Over/ under is a simple enough concept to understand. This bet is popular in sports like football and basketball.

In the case of football, the bookie may give you a prediction of the final score of the game such as 3.5.

And all you need to do is predict whether the actual score will go over or under the bookie’s prediction. The reason there’s a fraction is so that the sportsbook doesn’t tie in with you.

Asian Handicap

An Asian handicap bet is when a certain team is given the upper hand in a game. So, if there were a match between Brentford and Chelsea, the former might be given an advantage of an extra goal.

Usually, the bookie eliminates the possibility of a draw in these types of bets. For the favourite in this situation to win, it would need to overcome the handicap of being 1 goal behind.

Double Chance

Double chance is another very popular market in FA Cup betting. The gist of it is that you need to predict two outcomes unique to the final result.

You can choose between ‘Home Team to Win or Draw’ and ‘Away Team to Win or Draw.’

Teams to Watch Out for in the FA Cup 2024

It suffices to say that mostly the Premier League teams tend to dominate in the FA Cup. So, that means Chelsea, Manchester United, Everton, Manchester City, and many other teams from different tiers.

At the moment, Manchester City appears to be leading the race for the competition. But quite honestly, it’s too early to say.

FA Cup 2024 Live Streaming in Zambia

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in many nations worldwide. Particularly in African nations like Zambia, punters go crazy for the sport and also for betting on it.

Although the FA Cup isn’t the most popular sport to bet on in Zambia, there is still quite a large fanbase for it.

And if you’re wondering whether you can live to stream it in Zambia, we’re here to assure you that you can. Two of our top picks for live streaming the FA Cup in Zambia are Betway and 22Bet, and you need to have a registered account on both sportsbooks for it.

How to Bet on the FA Cup 2024?

Betting on the FA Cup is just as simple and straightforward as any other competition. You need to have a registered and funded account to play.

And we’ve also mentioned a few great sportsbooks that you can register with to bet on the competition.

How to bet on FA Cup in Zambia?

  1. First, launch the website or app of any legitimate sportsbook and create an account.

    You need to enter some personal details like your name, phone number, and email on the registration form.

  2. Next, you need to set up a payment method and make the minimum deposit to start betting.

  3. Go to the “Sports” or the “Live” page and categorize the events by FA Cup Events.

    You should also be able to select specific markets or odds depending on the bookie.

  4. Browse the ongoing and upcoming events.

    If there’s a specific match you like, then click on the odds next to it to add it to your bet slip. You can stack odds to make an accumulator.

  5. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, adjust your stake on your bet slip and confirm your bets.

You can use these same steps for both pre-match and in-play betting. You need to keep your account funded in order to be able to place bets.

The process will be more or less the same for most sportsbooks. However, based on the individual bookie and its user interface, a few of the steps might differ.

Best FA Cup Betting Sites in Zambia

FA Cup is actually quite popular in Zambia after the other major football tournaments. Since the nation is known for its love of football, not many punters miss out on FA Cup betting.

For FA Cup betting, you’ll want to sign up with a sportsbook that is licensed and regulated in Zambia.

It’s also great if the sportsbook offers a few promotions as well. But the most important thing is the range of betting markets.

Below are 3 of our top picks for the best FA Cup betting sites in Zambia.


22Bet is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Zambia and it offers an extensive range of markets for football betting. The bookie also offers a decent welcome bonus which is easy to claim and the overall experience with 22Bet is highly rated by most punters.


Betway is an internationally recognized sportsbook which is also known for offering some of the most reasonable odds in the industry. And it also offers some exciting football markets since it focuses primarily on that sport.

You can even live stream the games on Betway as long as you have a registered account. You may also need to have some funds in your betting wallet.

Gal Sport Betting

Gal Sport Betting offers a great range of in-play betting markets. The odds at Gal Sport Betting are also pretty reasonable.

FA Cup 2024 Betting Tips

Are you in the market for FA Cup betting tips? Because we have got just the strategies for you.

The FA Cup is a high-voltage competition with a lot of matches played each time.

So, it is essential to come up with a strategy that will help you make the most of your FA Cup betting experience.

You should still follow your gut when betting. But if you’re not the most seasoned punter, sometimes having some tactics up your sleeve can help.

And for that, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks of our own to help you make the best predictions.

Research the Big Names

The FA Cup has 6 rounds played in each edition of the competition. And as a result, there will be tons of teams that mainstream football fans may not have even heard of.

But that may be advantageous when betting.

That’s because the FA Cup is usually lifted by a club from one of the Championship leagues or the English Premier League. Arsenal has won the most FA Cups with 14 titles in total.

Other than that, Manchester City has 12 titles, and Chelsea, Liverpool, & Tottenham Hotspurs all respectively have 8 titles. So, as you can see, the statistics definitely support the theory of backing the big teams.

Previous trends are important to get insight into the future outcomes of the competition. By previous trends, we also mean keeping in mind the form of the players before the tournament.

You should also focus on how the clubs play as a whole in different competitions.

All of these statistics will help you gain the upper-hand when FA Cup betting. And when it comes to sports events, the overall form of the team is a very important aspect to keep in mind.

Track Injuries

Injuries have the ability to change the whole course of a competition. Just one player who may have carried the team, getting injured may change a lot in the tournament.

So, staying on top of injuries is a must so you can avoid making the wrong prediction.

Bankroll Management

You probably don’t need to hear more about bankroll management. But just as another reminder, there are tons of matches played throughout the course of the FA Cup.

And if you are overcome by the excitement of betting, you may end up going on a losing streak. So, you should always limit your bankroll before you go into a competition such as FA Cup betting.

FA Cup 2024 Betting in Zambia – FAQ

We’ll conclude here with a short FAQ section.

The FA Cup is an English domestic competition which is open to all English clubs starting from tier 1 to tier 9. The cup is also played by clubs from the English Premier League and the format is knockouts.

The qualification process for the FA Cup is pretty lengthy. And clubs that are able to place on the table are also eligible to play the Conference League in the following season.

You can certainly bet on the FA Cup in Zambia. There are many sportsbooks that offer FA Cup betting markets in the region.

And in order to place a bet, all you need to do is create an account and deposit some money into it. Afterwards, you can browse the matches and add selections to your bet slip before confirming a bet.

You can watch the FA Cup in Zambia by live streaming on your favourite sports betting site. You need to have a registered account with a sportsbook that offers a live streaming feature such as Betway.