Best England Championship Predictions July 2024 For Zambian Players

With more open odds than EPL betting, England Championship predictions are gaining popularity. This guide has everything you need to help when betting on the EFL Championship, including the latest odds, current tables, and, of course, expert football predictions.

England Championship Predictions 2024

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Overall, the EFL Championship is more evenly balanced than the Premier League. This is a double-edged sword because it can be more difficult to consistently pick winning betting predictions.

Bettors can take the England Championship predictions on this page straight to the bookmaker or use the information to plan their own unique wagers.

England Championship Predictions

England Championship Standings

When looking for your own England Championship betting tips, the latest standings provide a quick way to assess the strength of the teams. Additionally, for bets, such as both teams to score, you can easily check from the England Championship table the GF (goals for) and GA (goals against) stats.

England Championship Betting Odds

Football predictions and betting odds are changing all the time. Even if one team is running away with the title, there are still outright betting options on markets like ‘to be promoted’ and ‘to be regulated’.

That’s why keeping your finger on the pulse with the latest England Championship odds is essential.

1 x 2
7:00 pm August 9, 2024
Sheffield United
3.00 3.40 2.30
3.01 3.46 2.32
2.90 3.20 2.25
7:00 pm August 9, 2024
2.20 3.50 3.10
2.25 3.52 3.09
2.20 3.20 3.00
11:30 am August 10, 2024
1.80 3.50 4.50
1.80 3.85 4.25
1.77 3.60 3.80
11:30 am August 10, 2024
1.38 5.10 7.70
1.36 4.50 7.00
11:30 am August 10, 2024
2.30 3.40 3.00
2.33 3.24 3.19
2.25 3.10 3.00
11:30 am August 10, 2024
3.11 3.50 2.25
3.00 3.30 2.15
11:30 am August 10, 2024
Queens Park Rangers
West Bromwich
2.60 3.30 2.63
2.57 3.38 2.71
2.60 3.00 2.60
11:30 am August 10, 2024
2.10 3.70 3.10
2.16 3.58 3.23
2.10 3.30 3.10
11:30 am August 10, 2024
2.75 3.30 2.50
2.93 3.26 2.48
2.75 3.10 2.40
11:30 am August 10, 2024
Bristol City
1.75 3.70 4.50
1.76 3.72 4.67
1.75 3.40 4.20
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Odds are subject to change. Last updated July 15, 2024 11:36 am.

England Championship Top Scorers

England Championship Betting Tips

Although you’re free to use the betting tips on this page, the best method is to create a strategy where you develop your own EFL predictions.

There are pros and cons to this. Obviously, the disadvantage is that it takes time. However, the benefits are that you end up with bets that you truly believe in, and you have the skills and knowledge forever more.

The following tips are to help you think about your betting holistically, with some dos and don’ts to improve your chances against the bookmakers.

Always Research Your Bets

Every weekend and many times in midweek, there are twelve EFL Championship games taking place.

The betting options are endless, but that doesn’t mean you have to bet on every match. You want to adopt a quality-over-quantity approach if you hope to beat the bookie.

That starts with research. Focus on a handful of teams and absorb all of the information and news that’s available.

Most betting sites offer SportRadar analytics, which covers all of the statistics you’ll need, such as recent form, head-to-head, possession, dangerous attacks, past lineups, and more.

Added to this, read official club websites and fanzines to stay up-to-date with what’s going on on the pitch and off of it. Of course, you can apply yourself to this research, and some bets will still be lost.

But, you must take a long-term approach to gradually increase your win-loss ratio.

Wait For Team News

This follows on from the above section as it’s effectively part of the research, but it’s recommended to wait until you get the official team news before placing your bets.

The downside of this is that the prices may dip a little on the wagers you want to place, but that’s fine. For instance, you want to have a bet on Middlesbrough to score, but Chuba Akpom, one of the league’s top scorers, injured himself in the warm-up.

If you’ve bet early, you’re stuck with the wager. However, by waiting, you can now decide if that particular bet still has value.

Learn To Calculate Implied Probability

By dividing the decimal odds by one and multiplying the answer by 100, you can effortlessly calculate the bookmaker’s implied probability of a particular bet winning. For instance, if Watford is 2.00 to win against Norwich City, this is an implied probability of 50% (1/2.00×100).

Let’s assume your research suggests that Watford is in good form and they have a decent record against Norwich, so you think their chances of winning are 60%. This is a value bet because you’re getting a better price than the true odds of your prediction.

Bet On Different Markets

The match result (1×2) bet is the most straightforward, but it isn’t always the best bet to place. Let’s say you have two teams that like to attack. Instead of risking the 1×2 market, you could bet on BTTS, over 2.5 goals or a combo of both markets (BTTS + over 2.5 goals).

The secret is to assess each bet independently. First, make your EFL predictions for the match. Then, choose the most suitable market based on the odds and level of risk.

Stick To A Wagering Strategy – And Don’t Chase Losses

Chasing losses will eventually ruin every sports bettor, so this is something you should never do. What do the world’s most successful bettors have in common? Discipline.

Think pragmatically when betting. Placing wagers based on emotion because you just lost and want to recoup your cash will lead to greater losses.

Each bet needs to be well-researched, and you should have a staking plan based on the wager’s odds.

If it’s a low price, you can increase your stake. The opposite rules apply for longer-odds bets.


As we conclude this football betting review, our experts answer some frequently asked questions about England Championship predictions. You can read all about it in the section below.

There are currently no new tips for the England Championship predictions. You can check back for updates once the date for the traditional English curtain raiser draws close.

Bettors can make their predictions after researching team news, standings, recent form, and other necessary statistics. They can get this information from the bookmaker’s SportRadar analytics and distinct official club websites.

The best way to use the English Championship tips is to develop your own indigenous football betting strategy. You can do this by taking our predictions and integrating them into your wager.

The most vital and significant factor in English Championship predictions is the current team standings. Other factors to pay attention to include goals for and against, recent form, head-to-head records, official team news and final team line-ups.