PariPesa Aviator | How to Play PariPesa Aviator in Zambia?

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about PariPesa Aviator betting in Zambia, including the rules governing the game and the exclusive bonus offer. 

PariPesa Aviator Bonus Details 

Find information about the PariPesa Aviator bonus in the table below:

PariPesa Aviator BonusBonus Details
Type of BonusFree bets
Bonus Amount 60 free bets on Fridays (20 free bets on every deposit)
Minimum Deposit 200 ZMW
Wagering Requirementx35
Claim PariPesa Aviator BonusVisit PariPesa Aviator
Information About the PariPesa Aviator Bonus

PariPesa Aviator – Overview

Aviator has proven to be one of the most immersive crash games at PariPesa Casino. It offers players a unique opportunity to bet on the highest altitude an aeroplane will attain before crashing or flying away. 

However, players must submit their bets before the beginning of each round. Even more noteworthy, they must cash out their winnings before the aeroplane flies away, or the bet will be lost. 

Undoubtedly, PariPesa Aviator is a mix of pure excitement and high risk.

How to Play Aviator on PariPesa?

PariPesa Aviator promises an exciting experience. Here, we provide a detailed guide on how to play the game.

Visit the Website or Mobile App

The first step to playing aviator for real money is to log in to your bet account on the website. Alternatively, players can access the betting platform via the PariPesa app.

If you don’t have a PariPesa account, sign up by clicking “Registration” on the homepage. Players can input the promo code: PARIZM during registration to claim an exclusive first deposit bonus and other interesting bonuses and promotions. Then, navigate to the crash games section and click “Aviator.”

Place your Bets 

Unlike other casino betting options, aviator has a double bet feature, allowing players to place two bets on a game round. These wagers can be the same or different amounts, allowing early cash out on one of the bets.

How to Play Aviator on PariPesa

To add the second bet field, tap on the “+” icon, which is located in the top right corner of the first bet field. The “+” and “-“ icons on each side of the field allow players to adjust the stake amount on each bet. 

It is important to remember that players must place bets before the beginning of each round. 

Cash Out 

Cash Out PariPesa

The cash-out function is one to look out for because it allows players to take their winnings. A multiplier is displayed on the screen at the beginning of each round (starting from 1x), increasing proportionally to the aeroplane’s flight.

To receive a payout, click the “Cash out” button before the plane crashes or disappears. The operator calculates winnings by multiplying the coefficient of the multiplier by the stake amount. As a result, the longer the Airplane stays in motion, the greater the potential payout.

Autoplay and Auto Cash Out

Autoplay Aviator

Autoplay is activated by tapping the “Auto” button on the bet panel, allowing players to play a pre-selected number of rounds automatically.

When configuring the Autoplay function, one or more stop conditions must be set. This includes “Stop If cash decreases by”, “Stop if cash increases by”, and “Stop if single win exceeds”

For the Auto cash-out feature, the bet is automatically cashed out when the multiplier hits a pre-set value. 

Live Bets and Statistics

Live Bets and Statistics

Players can view statistics and live bets by clicking on the clock icon at the top right corner of the game’s interface.

This feature provides information on users’ live bets, stake amounts and total cash out. Also, players can get information on cash out multipliers for recent rounds, indicating the biggest multipliers. 

Reviewing the outcome of previous rounds helps you analyse the game’s dynamics and make better predictions. However, the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology decides the outcome; hence, they are random. 

The menu consists of several options players can use to activate various functions.

Our analysis indicates that players must first familiarise themselves with these options to learn how to play the game and have a thrilling experience. These menu options include:

  • Game limits 
  • Free bets
  • Provably fair settings
  • Game rules
  • Animation
  • Free bets

PariPesa Aviator Game Rules 

Since Aviator is a game of luck, no prior gambling knowledge or unique skill is needed. Nonetheless, it is ideal to understand the rules governing the game.

Here we discuss the rules of the game:

Bet Before Take-off

This is the first and most important rule of Aviator betting. Players must enter a stake amount and place a bet before a new round commences. Once the plane takes off, players must wait until the next round before they can place a bet. 

Unlike slots and other casino games, Aviator allows players to wager two bets simultaneously. This covers for potential losses, as players can choose to leave the other bet for a longer period of time. 

Betting Limits 

Betting Limits

The maximum bet is capped at $100 (equivalent in ZMW), while the minimum is $0.1. Also, the maximum win on a bet is $10,000

Cash Out

The operator will only settle bets cashed out before the plane crashes or flies away. Winnings on bets are calculated by multiplying the stake amount by the cash-out multiplier. 

Return to Player 

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of the Aviator game is 97%, which is above the industry’s average of 96%. This means that only three out of 100 rounds will end up in outright losses; the airplane flying away at the very beginning of the game round. 

Provably Fair Technology

Aviator is based on a modern technology called Provably Fair, which ensures outcomes are 100% fair and random. With this technology, no player has an undue advantage over another, as it is impossible to predict when the plane will crash or fly away.

Players can check for the fairness of each round and modify the Provably fair settings. 

Our Review 

After a thorough review, our experts noted that PariPesa provides an immersive betting experience. Although Aviator is relatively new to the online betting landscape, it has won the hearts of bettors who enjoy fast-paced entertainment. 

It shares quite a few similarities with online slots in its simplicity and quick nature, but it offers unique and exciting gameplay nonetheless.

In addition to the wide range of bonuses available at PariPesa, the operator offers an exclusive Aviator bonus. Players can claim up to 60 free bets on their Friday deposits. 

We have provided a detailed guide on how to play the game, as well as the rules governing it. With this, players can place bets and cash out winnings before the plane crashes or flies away.

All in all, PariPesa provides one of the best online casinos in Zambia, offering a wide range of games that promise a captivating experience. During our research, we noted some of the pros and cons of the Aviator game, and they are highlighted in the table below:

High RTPHighly unpredictable 
Exclusive bonus offer High volatility 
100% fair and random
No skill is required 

PariPesa Aviator FAQs

Yes, PariPesa offers Aviator among its wide range of betting options.

To find Aviator on PariPesa, navigate to the casino section, click “Crash games, ” then select “Aviator.”

Like every other game at online casinos, you must visit the website and log in to your bet account to access the Aviator game. You will find the game among the rich selection of crash games.

To cash out your winnings on PariPesa Aviator, click “Cash out” on the bet panel before the plane flies away.